Real Estate Marketing

Marketing is a critical component of any great development project. Cranewoods has a proven record of building successful marketing strategies from pre-design to final sale. We can work with you to create, manage and implement all the elements necessary to market your project successfully and bring you maximum value.

Building awareness, interest and, most importantly, credibility in our diverse multimedia world is a challenge when each area demands specific tactics that need to fit within the overall strategy.  With the upsurge in web and email marketing, the plan must take into account the powerful and cost effective impact of these tactics and include them from the outset in the overall campaign.

Defining your target demographic and creating a marketing plan geared toward that market while being inclusive of others is a process that demands deep understanding of the project, local demographics and current market conditions. Building credibility begins with the proper message and is strengthened by reaching your target in ways that can break through the din.  It takes a strong strategy and even stronger execution.  It’s not a matter of money – we can help you with almost any budget – it’s a matter of knowing what works, the market, and the tools to get your message across.

Cranewoods can help you:

  • Obtain proposed site agent compensation packages with or without Broker
  • Plan and review the development marketing budget
  • Establish marketing plan based on budget
  • Coordinate plan with marketing, graphics, web and special events professionals