Project Feasibility Studies

Before proceeding on any project, someone will need to “run the numbers” to make sure your project has the greatest chance of success in the market.  An experienced and objective third party is the safest way to assure you haven’t overlooked the sometimes subtle variables that can affect your potential investment.

Cranewoods can help you answer the essential question: is the project realistically viable?  We can help you proceed with confidence or evaluate options that may be a better fit for your goals and vision.

Areas explored in a feasibility study include:

  • Highest and best use of the physical property
  • Options for development, sales or leasing given current market conditions
  • Maximizing density value
  • Best program elements for maximized proforma returns
  • Potential outcomes in a variety of future market scenarios


Cranewoods has decades of experience in construction and development and we have “run the numbers” in different economic environments for a wide variety of projects.  We have led and consulted on planning, project development and construction of projects ranging from small office buildings to high rise luxury condominiums and nearly everything in between. Let us bring our experience, skills and the lessons we’ve learned to evaluate the feasibility of your next project.