Real Estate Development Consulting

Tight credit markets and dropping real estate values create substantial challenges to virtually any real estate development project whether it is complete, under construction or in pre-development. Margins get squeezed, equity vanishes, tenants default or pull back from expansion and buyers hoard cash waiting for the economic cycle to clearly signal that it is on an uptrend.

Successful projects require flexible and dynamic thinking to keep up with rapidly changing market conditions. Project concepts and economic proforma and budgets need constant updating to keep a project on track and out of default.

Cranewoods has an extensive background in creative development thinking that can add value, cut costs and increase the chance of success on any real estate development projects.  And, if your commercial project is in danger due to local or national market conditions, we can bring experienced guidance from distressed marketing strategies to the loan workout process.

Whether your commercial real estate project is a commercial office, hotel, multi-family or condominium complex, Cranewoods can help you with nearly every process from pre-design feasibility to budgeting and estimating to loan workouts.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Project Feasibility Analysis
  • Competitive market analysis (CMA)
  • Program fit to site/economic conditions and financing
  • Financing structure
  • Real Estate Development Project Equity
  • Construction cost analysis and value engineering
  • Tenant and franchise procurement
  • Marketing and sales plans
  • Court appointed receiver
  • Disposition of OREO property
  • Construction and Development Project Budgeting
  • Real Estate Proforma Preparation & Analysis
  • Real EstateAsset valuation & Sale
  • Real Estae Bank Loan Workouts/Negotiations & Solutions
  • Project Marketing Plans and Implementation
  • Turnkey Owner’s Representation
  • HOA Representation
  • Leasing
  • Accounting Services