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St Augustine Community

As one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Florida, St. Augustine is home to spectacular scenery, easy access to outdoor recreation and a whole host of cultural arts and entertainment for residents and visitors alike. With a population of just over 12,000 residents, St. Augustine is the perfect location for a weekend getaway or a permanent home. As the well-kept secret of St. Augustine living spreads throughout the country, it”s a sure bet that St. Augustine developments will rapidly become some of the most sought-after property in all of north Florida.

History of St. Augustine

Known as the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine has been continually occupied since it was first founded in 1565 by Spanish Admiral Pedro Menedez de Aviles. Since that time, St. Augustine has enjoyed a long and fascinating history. St. Augustine has had five flags flown over its city limits, and the city was once claimed by Native Americans, pirates, the British and the Spanish before becoming a permanent part of the United States of America. Each culture has left its mark on this remarkable city, and many historical sites remain to teach visitors about the area”s living history. Even today, it”s not uncommon to see Spanish colonial-era buildings, with the impressive Castillo de San Marcos dominating the architectural landscape. Other centuries-old buildings dot the city, providing a tangible link to the city”s rich background.

Within the last century, the St. Augustine oceanfront became known as a hot vacation destination, and soon became associated with wealthy vacationers who flocked to its sun-kissed beaches and balmy subtropical climate. The railroad made it even easier for people and businesses alike to arrive in St. Augustine, and several palace-like hotels and resorts were soon built to meet the increasing demand. Many of these grand estates remain in existence today.

St. Augustine Economic Profile

The city of St. Augustine has extended a business-friendly hand to companies seeking to relocate or start up in coastal Florida. With a motivated and highly skilled work force, low property tax, low sales tax, and numerous business incentives, the city continues to attract a diverse blend of industry, business and commerce that leads to its stable economic base.

Some of the businesses that have already discovered St. Augustine”s economic benefits include medical centers, aircraft and boat manufacturers, hotels and resorts, high tech and telecommunications companies, and aluminum manufacturers. As these businesses continue to thrive, they make life even more attractive in St. Augustine and further contribute to the city”s success.

For hundreds of years, St. Augustine and its surrounding areas have been a key part of the area”s prosperity. The city has an appeal that is attractive to many businesses, and the progressive commercial growth is evidence of St. Augustine”s ability to attract and keep successful companies. It helps to have a city with remarkably low crime, top schools and plenty of fun things to do for recreation. These are a few of the many reasons that St. Augustine developments is so highly desirable.

St. Augustine Attractions

You”ll find a myriad of things to do and see in St. Augustine, regardless of the season. The city itself features a unique blend of outdoor recreation, sports, cultural arts, historic and community attractions. No matter what your interest, you”re sure to find it in St. Augustine.

With a unique location among some of Florida”s most spectacular natural features, St. Augustine has every kind of outdoor attraction known in the South. Within a short drive, you”ll discover rivers, lakes, forests and the ocean. St. Augustine oceanfront property is highly desirable among investors, residents, and anyone seeking a waterfront second home. Some of the most popular outdoor recreation activities include hiking, biking, canoeing, boating, fishing, swimming, golfing and camping. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of St. Augustine”s many city parks and open spaces, whether for picnicking or simply enjoying the parks and playgrounds.

Another area attraction in St. Augustine is the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum. Located on the northernmost point of Anastasia Island, the red and white striped tower rises over the city. Built in 1874, the lighthouse is now a tourist destination and the adjacent museum hosts artifacts, information and interactive displays on maritime history. Thousands of school children visit the lighthouse and museum each year to learn more about marine science as well as their local community history. It”s easy to imagine a time when the lighthouse oversaw the nation”s oldest port, and many visitors enjoy learning about the structure”s functions and the important role it played in St. Augustine”s history. Owners of St. Augustine condos and other developments are sure to appreciate this local landmark as much as visitors do.

Another popular attraction is the Colonial Spanish Quarter, a living history museum where actors relive the days when the Spanish ruled the city. Dressed in period costumes and showing off their skills in traditional crafts such as blacksmithing and candle-making, the actors answer questions about how families lived, ate, worked and played. The accompanying museum provides a rare glimpse at the artifacts recovered from the area, which further enable visitors to appreciate St. Augustine”s history.

The Ponce de Leon Fountain of Youth is located in St. Augustine as well, and although the Spanish explorer never found exactly what he was looking for, he did mark the ancient Native American town of Seloy as the location for a lovely spring that he imagined would provide eternal youth. Today, the site is surrounded by picturesque gardens and archaeological excavations. Visitors can sample the spring water as Ponce de Leon once did, and relax while inhaling the intoxicating fragrance of tropical flowers in bloom. Anastasia State Park is the perfect place for ocean goers, complete with sun, surf, swimming and sand. You can discover all kinds of native Florida wildlife here as well, and enjoy the bounty of Florida”s sprawling coastline.

Marineland, one of the state”s first theme parks, is located just outside the city, near St. Augustine developments. The park attracts large numbers of visitors each year. St. Augustine residents also have their choice to visit alligator farms, historical monuments, churches and cathedrals, museums, golf courses and much more.

St. Augustine Developments

With a reasonable cost of living, low property rates and a high quality of life, St. Augustine is rapidly gaining a reputation for excellence. Because Florida has no state income tax, residents of St. Augustine can make each hard-earned dollar go farther. Those who own St. Augustine developments have access to award-winning schools, fine dining, first-rate entertainment and more, it”s no wonder St. Augustine developments is in such high demand. Because of the proximity to larger cities, St. Augustine is attractive to people who are looking for St. Augustine oceanfront property, yet choose to commute to a larger nearby metropolitan area.
The options among St. Augustine developments are virtually endless. A qualified and experienced St. Augustine Developer can assist you in finding a quaint bungalow near the golf course at Glenmoor or a luxury home at Coquina Crossing would best fit your needs. Options abound for the St. Augustine homebuyer, starting with a St. Augustine Florida condo, town home or single-family home. Be sure to peruse the available homes at Heritage Park, a master planned community designed with families in mind. Another place for retired homebuyers to consider is Moultrie Oaks retirement community, with quaint homes that suit the retired lifestyle perfectly.
The neighborhoods of St. Augustine remain in very high demand, with large numbers of people relocating into coastal Florida. Prospective homebuyers are seeking out experienced St. Augustine Developers to guide them through the various St. Augustine development options. Locations close to Jacksonville are ideal, with modern amenities, fine schools and plenty of health care facilities. Of note, the St. Augustine developments market has steadily appreciated in recent years, making it a sound investment for the cautious buyer.
If you”d prefer a St. Augustine oceanfront condo or town home, make sure you consult with a St. Augustine Developer, who will guide you to the best properties currently available. Whatever your priorities for a residence, St. Augustine developments offers plenty of options. Why not call the professionals of Cranewoods Development at (904) 270-0270 today?

Schools in St. Augustine

The city of St. Augustine is home to an exceptional school system with oversight by the St. John”s County School District. High academic performance records serve as a testament to the hard work and dedication of school district leaders, as well as each school”s faculty and staff. The secondary schools of St. Augustine are noteworthy for their college preparation programs. Extracurricular activities are common in area schools, and the surrounding community supports students in after-school endeavors.

If you”re ready to become a part of this vibrant community, trust an experienced St. Augustine Developer to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about purchasing St. Augustine development.