Ponce Inlet Florida Ranked One of America’s Top 10 Beaches

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Few places in Florida deserve more attention than beautiful Ponce Inlet. Long known as the ultimate escape to a rural atmosphere replete with sandy white beaches, Ponce Inlet entices visitors to return again and again, and keeps its residents satisfied. Many people are taking advantage of the booming development opportunities in Ponce Inlet by purchasing homes to fit the southern beach lifestyle. The area is known for its relaxed demeanor, and with proximity to major cities like Daytona, Ponce Inlet is attractive to people from all walks of life.

Ponce Inlet Attractions

Regarded as an exclusive neighborhood of bustling Daytona, Ponce Inlet is home to a small population of about 3,000. Located on the southernmost portion of a peninsula south of Daytona, Ponce Inlet developments are surrounded by the beauty of nature: empty sand beaches, lush Florida vegetation, warm blue seas and winding rivers. Outdoor recreation is abundant here, where hiking, biking, swimming, fishing and golf are some of the more popular activities.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Park beach has been named as one of America”s Top 10 Best Beaches for 2007.

The town of Ponce Inlet has a variety of parks, with Ponce Preserve as the crown jewel, spanning forty acres. Several park projects are in the works, including a botanical garden. Residents are encouraged to enjoy all the town”s parks, whether in the mood for a quiet stroll or a quick jog.

Ponce Inlet also features several marinas, housing boats of all shapes and sizes. The waters just off the town are known as some of the best fishing spots around, and charter boats are happy to arrange private fishing excursions. Party boats can also be rented to accommodate groups of just about any size. From land, owners of Ponce Inlet homes can fully appreciate the ocean views from beachside restaurants and boardwalks.

The Ponce de Leon Inlet Light Station, a National Historic Landmark, is Florida”s tallest lighthouse. Built in 1887, the lighthouse has been meticulously restored and stands as a monument to man”s desire to navigate the sea. Overlooking a beach that is ideal for resting and relaxing, the lighthouse rises 175 feet into the air. Visitors who choose to climb to the top of the lighthouse are treated to a breathtaking view of the Florida coastline. After that rigorous climb, visitors can peruse the adjoining museum that features artifacts and information about Florida”s early maritime history. More than 200,000 people flock to the Ponce de Leon Inlet Light Station each year.

Although Ponce Inlet is within minutes of many attractions in the surrounding cities, its pristine beaches, low traffic and relaxed atmosphere remind residents that Ponce Inlet is the ideal home.

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Just as the famous lighthouse once served as a beacon to oceangoing vessels, Ponce Inlet beckons to home buyers who are searching for a relaxed pace of living with easy access to big city conveniences. Some of the most popular developments include Ponce Inlet oceanfront property. Imagine taking in a magnificent view of the ocean from your bedroom window, with a white sandy beach just a few steps from your door. By investing in a Ponce Inlet development, you are choosing to live close to nature and enjoy its splendor. In addition to Ponce Inlet oceanfront, you may also want to consider riverfront properties or homes that are slightly more inland. You”ll still enjoy the sound of crashing waves and the scent of the sea, but you may discover more affordable options a bit further inland. No matter what Ponce Inlet development you choose, you”ll rest easy knowing you made the right choice.

Whether you select a lovely condo with an ocean view or a single-family home near the elementary school, Ponce Inlet developments are worth considering. Many visitors who spend time in this tropical town soon purchase second homes or vacation homes at a Ponce Inlet development. Easy boat access from riverfront properties is a more affordable alternative to Ponce Inlet oceanfront properties.

Ponce Inlet Beach Community

The future of Ponce Inlet is promising, at least partly due to the strong sense of community among residents of the town. Major volunteer efforts are organized and executed without a moment”s hesitation, and residents are quick to lend a helping hand to neighbors and strangers alike. Residents of Ponce Inlet are working hard to maintain their town”s high quality of life, and newcomers are encouraged to share in this responsibility.

Volusia County, where Ponce Inlet is located, possesses a federal sea turtle permit, which allows town officials to take measures to protect these wild creatures and preserve their natural habitat. Qualified individuals can help sick and injured sea turtles, and strive to separate the humans and turtles on the beach. The county also has a manatee protection plan, which requires property owners to directly contribute to a conservation fund when new boat facilities are built. By recognizing the importance of the environment in the town of Ponce Inlet, residents are taking steps to ensure the continuation of its natural beauty. From voluntary garbage cleanups to fundraising for children”s playgrounds, the residents of Ponce Inlet consistently demonstrate a true sense of community.