Cranewoods featured in Engineering News Record (ENR)

In the November 3rd 2010 edition of the Engineering News Record (ENR), Andrew Howe of Cranewoods Development is spotlighted in an article called “Consensus Is Reached: Nowhere To Go but Up” for his take on how real estate developers have dealt with the economic crisis and how they see a way forward in an environment of tighter credit and slower growth.

ENR is the leading news magazine for engineers in the construction industry in America and they rightly point out, “For developers able to roll with the recession’s punches, some new activity in markets this fall has owners and lenders finally mustering some optimism and cautiously returning to the fray.”

The article points out that Cranewoods rolled with the punches by realizing their expertise in construction and real estate development financing was needed by troubled investors, lenders and borrowers. Cranewoods began consulting long before the world’s economic troubles but their unique knowledge was in greater demand when so many projects and loans had to adjust to the changing economic conditions.

 The article calls Cranewoods a “poster child of survival” and quotes Andrew Howe on how it adjusted.

“When a local bank brought Howe aboard as a consultant on a stalled condo project in Jacksonville last year, “a light- bulb went on,” he says. Cranewoods took over the project, resurrected construction and brought the eight-story condo project to completion. The strategy that worked was “putting together a plan where everyone loses something, but no one loses everything,” Howe says.”


“Having both construction and development experience is what kept us in the game,” he says, even though the projects presented some challenges. “[Taking over] half-finished projects is a specialized field,” he says. “Since the time when those projects were initiated, the markets had changed, which required we make design changes. We’re now in the business of fixing broken projects.”

As they say, go read the whole thing HERE

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