“Living Happens Here”

Downtown Cincinnati lofts got another acknowledgment of their value, convenience and quality of life. Recently, Downtown Cincinnati Inc.(DCI) and the Greater Cincinnati Relocation Council hosted a conference entitled “Living Happens Here,” to promote the wide variety and high quality of downtown and Over-the-Rhine lofts and living options for relocating professionals coming to Cincinnati.

““Downtown has a fabric that is very diverse. It has the hustle and bustle of all different races and economic backgrounds,” said Arleen Koth, vice president of DCI. “It’s where your living room can spread out into Fountain Square… And even without white picket fences, children and pets are a part of this fabric.”

The conference was organized to address a lack of awareness or misperceptions many realtors and relocation specialists have about downtown Cincinnati lofts and real estate options. The program included a guided tour of the variety of housing options available in Cincinnati’s business district and Over-the-Rhine.

Said Scott Isenhart, P&G’s senior recruiter for North America, “When I first arrived to P&G…downtown wasn’t even presented to me as an option to live. That has changed drastically over the last five years.” Proctor and Gamble has over 4000 employees working in the downtown area.

The word is getting out.  In the last ten years the number of downtown residents has doubled and with the growing number of amenities like convenient groceries popping up to serve the local customer base and the expanding costs of commuting, the trend is expected to keep growing because “Living Happens Here.”

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